Sunday 10, 07.2016

Cartoonist Gemma Correll

Gemma Correll is probably one of the most well-known cartoonists of nowadays. She’s a freelancer and works with clients that include Hallmark, The New York Times and Oxford University Press. She has many comic books published (three of which are on my desk as we speak) and her pug-illustrated products are super popular (badges, t-shirts, bags, greeting cards and more).

Gemma Correll's funny, self-deprecating cartoonsI love her funny, self-deprecating style because the stuff she expresses is what most of us go through, but don’t think it’s “cool” to admit to them. Like being hiper-anxious and worrying too much. Being a perfectionist. Having leg hair. Feeling anti-social. Sucking at yoga. And she’s built her illustration around all of that. 

See for yourself.


Name:  Gemma Correll

From: Norwich, UK

Living in: Oakland, California

Work: cartoons (often involving pugs)

Style: comic, doodle-ish and quirky

Gemma Correll's funny, self-deprecating cartoons

See more of Gemma’s work on her: website | tumblr | instagram

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